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It was awesome!! There was definitely alot to get into,the kids loved it. So we'll definitely be back!

This is one of the best places in Valdosta, GA. Despite me being 18 years old I still love visiting the park and jumping my heart away. Me and my friends love going to the place to really let loose and have fun. My favorite part when visiting is seeing my favorite employee Owen Anderson, he's such a blast and always a hoot. He sucks at dodgeball though ;). I love recoil and I'm going to be jumping on those trampolines till I can't jump no more.

I have been recently developed knee problems which i assume comes with the age but I would like to say what a great experience this establishment gave me. Your workers prove to constantly be caring and inquisitive. One of the workers ,he was blonde and quite tall, was extremely helpful. He helped me get up the stair there and i even got on the trampolines, i wasn't afraid of injury because i hoped that the cute blonde boy would help me if i fell. I might be coming back soon to see if hes there again. Overall it was an amazing experience and would 100% recommend to others.

I got there and my glasses broke within 5 minutes.. so heed my advice, and take off your glasses before you land on your face!Other than that, this place is really fun. Whether you're a kid or a parent, you could still find something to do.

This place is a great place to let the kids just "let loose." It's not as big as the trampoline parks where we just moved from, but it was enought to keep them entertained and they had a blast.. It was nice to have them jumping around somewhere other than my house! The wait in line wasn't that long and I even got a discount for checking in on social media, which I was probably gonna do anyway. Love the fact that I could sign the waiver online before I got there, which made checking in a lot faster. The workers were very nice and professional. Everything was clean as far as I could see and the leather couches made for a comfortable kick back while the kids played. I will definitely return.

kids enjoyed it..had lots of fun..great price and value friendly staff

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